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In the heart of a vibrant city, a culinary pioneer dreamt of a flavorful fusion - bringing a Taiwanese fried chicken revolution to America. Thus, Chunky Boss was born with its signature Golden Crispy Chicken Cutlet.This sizzling sensation features a plump, juicy chicken breast, locally sourced from right here in the USA. Encased in our unique, golden batter, this homegrown star is a celebration of all-American freshness and Taiwanese culinary genius.Our secret? Double deliciousness. By doubling the thickness and crispiness of our domestically grown chicken, Chunky Boss delivers an unrivaled, immersive eating experience. A bite into our chicken is a tribute to American farming and an invitation to an unforgettable flavor journey.The news spread, and food lovers flocked from far and wide to relish the fusion magic. Today, Chunky Boss stands tall as an emblem of global food innovation, using locally sourced ingredients to delight palates across the world.Savor the taste of home. Experience the tantalizing fusion. Welcome to Chunky Boss - where it's always #ChunkyOrNothing.

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Attention, all Chunky Bosses! The wait is over - fried chicken cravings can now fly straight to your door!That's right, Chunky Boss has officially partnered with your favorite delivery apps, meaning you can get your fix of our juicy, golden cutlets without leaving your comfy sweatpants.And the good news doesn't stop there! We've heard your late-night rumblings, so we're pushing back closing time to 6:30 PM. Now you have even more time to savor that crispy, crunchy, finger-lickin' goodness.

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Chunky Boss Fried Chicken
Chunky Boss Fried Chicken
Chunky Boss Fried Chicken
Chunky Boss Fried Chicken
Chunky Boss Fried Chicken

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